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Asphalt 9 - Legends - Arcade Racing Game 2018

Asphalt is the most loved racing game on mobile devices.

We have played Asphalt 8 - Airborn. The graphics, Gameplay, Cars everything about it was just perfect.

Today, Gameloft is back with a bang! They have launched Asphalt 9 - Legends
It is the 9th upgrade to the main series ASPHALT.

It is a massive update to what we have seen in previous version of Asphalt.

The game features the real world hypercars from the famous car companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. The cars are perfect and detailed

Different locations and tracks are available in the game to play and race against the players. The overall game just gives the feeling of console in your mobile device.

Visuals and sounds from the game adds up the thrill and it feels like a movie is going on

There is a new car customisation feature which is called car editor - it gives selection of colours, material of car, rims and you can customise the way to want your car to be on track.

Arcade mode is given to add up the experience of ultimate speed.  Total Adrenalin Rush.

The graphics are so much improved which everyone will notice from the very first start of the game.

Image result for asphalt 9

Here is a picture of some of the renowned cars which are included in the Asphalt - 9

1. Bugatti Chiron
2. McLaren P1
3. Lamborghini Centenario
4. Porsche 918 Spyder

New things to Asphalt 9.

1. New interface
2. Arcade mode
3. Car editor
4. Real world new cars
5. New controlls
6. New locations.


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