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Playstation 5 - Specs, Features, Price, Release date

PS 5 - Specs, Features, Price, Release date

PS 4 was released in November 2013 which is 5 years ago, and since then we haven't heard anything about PS 5 , Sony said nothing about the console yet, 


During corporate meeting of sony entertainment in 2108, head John Kodera said to the reporters that PS 4 pro will not be the last one we see. 

Here is the tweet from one of the reporter Takashi Mochizuki

On the other hand the rival of Playstation 4, Xbox one x is on whole another level, Then after sony must have to think about the future of the Playstation to stay in the market

When will it launch?

4 months left till 2018 ends. Rumours came out that PS 5 will be released in end of 2019 or we can say start of 2020, we will see PS 5 that is confirmed but when? company hasn't revealed that yet.
and it makes sense because PS 4 is currently best selling console so there is no need to reveal about new console.

Seeing the amount of time sony is taking it is expected that they will come out with something record breaking after a year or so

Generally sony launches the new consoles during vacation time, so it might happen that we see the PS 5 in 2020 vacation time which is around november.

Many rumours also states that the some PS 5 kits are distributed to some developers to test out. But it is been done on a very small scale which again says that  PS 5 is not happening till a year or year and a half.

PS 5 Specs. - How mighty will it be?

Well PS 4 was a beast at one point of time but then microsoft came with the Xbox one x and that changed everything. Now its sony's turn to prove themselves, they surely will come with a power punch with PS 5

There is no announcement from sony that what the hardware will look like in PS 5, but we can assume based on the current scenario

New PS will be based on AMD's Navi architecture and it will use the CPU from the same company, said by trusted reviews.

PS 5 Price.

Price is the category the company fights with the rivals, lets take a look
The Xbox one x is on sale for $499.99 US, https://www.xbox.com/en-us/xbox-one-x

seeing that the price of PS 5 will be around it,

Price depends upon what type of specs we will get in that machine. 


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