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PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Beta released - Night mode and night vision goggles

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Beta released - Night mode & night vision goggles

PUBG mobile is giving update to their users every month. Few days ago we have seen the global release of 0.7.0 version which gives us the war mode and many other things like a new gun and 3x and a 6x scope.

We haven't seen SANHOK on mobile version yet but it will be coming to mobile version in next update.

Version 0.8.0 is not still here and we already heard a buzz about version 0.9.0 and what is new in that.
The beta testing of 0.9.0 is already began in china, the gamers who are getting their updates from china can now download the beta version of 0.9.0

Again those who are not one of them can not download the update and have to wait until the beta release happens globally.

There are many rumours about the new features in 0.9.0 beta. but there isn't any confirmation about what is happening, but thanks to some youtube videos which saw us the gameplay, and guess what?
night mode is coming in the PUBG mobile 0.9.0

Till now we are playing the game in the morning based theme, the new theme will allow the players to play in night mode, with that night vision goggles are added to get the better vision in the night time.

Image result for night vision goggles in pubg
Night vision goggles 

Other Changes

1. First person driving mode

Just like the First person shooting mode there will be first person mode for driving.

Image result for first person driving mode pubg mobile

2. Ability to build structures

PUBG is rolling on the path of fortnite, the beta version contains some dramatic changes, the ability to build the tower, you can build trees and bushesh, you can hide in rock by wearing a rock suit.

You can plant tree and bushesh anywhere you want, build anything anywhere you want.

Image result for pubg mobile 0.9.0
Build tower in PUBG

Hide in rock suit and no one will notice you, It will be very effective defence technique and it will also make the game a bit difficult to play.

3. Hologram, Mine, Shield

We can add our hologram in place of the player and can trick the enemy hologram will not move, it will stay still, but.. it is a great defensive tool to use in PUBG.

3 Clone added by player in beta

Add land mine and it works as a trap.

Land Mine

You can roam around in the map with one shield, it will act as a wall between you and enemy, and you can activate the shield anywhere you want. you can shoot at your enemy while being in the defence of the shield through a little gap given the shield.


4. New vehicle (Exclusive to SANHOK)

We have already seen new vehicle with the release of the new dessert map, just like that with the addition on SANHOK new vehicle RONY will be added. it will be exclusive to SANHOK and will not be available in any other map.

5. New weapon (QBU)

Image result for pubg qbu

The new weapon QBU will replace Mini-14 in SANHOK. it will be great to use in prone mode
because the stand will provide the additional additional stability to the shots landed on the opponent.

It will be firing the 5.56mm rounds. And with the extended mag total capacity will b of 20 bullets.

Overall update will be pretty good and new features will make the game more difficult and challenging to play. 


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  1. Thanks for providing information about the new update as I just heard rumors. It is good to know that the developers are rolling out this update.

  2. Replies
    1. Here you can download the TIMI version


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