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PUBG Update and Changes - Whats coming on PC and Mobile platform

PUBG MOBILE : Updates and Changes

As the year goes on currently in PUBG mobile version 0.6.1 is running with a battle pass week 5th going on, still 3 weeks are left to complete the battle pass season 1 and hopefully PUBG is planning to rollout update after its 1st season gets to an end.

Just like fortnite PUBG is providing their users with royale pass just like the battle pass in fortnite, and with the royale pass users gets the rewards as they level up and with the free royale pass some more emotes and plane skin and gun skin (UMP9) can be unlocked, thus PUBG added ELITE royale pass for those who want to purchase additional rewards and more skins for the guns which goes on till the level 70.

Emotes are also added for users to mimic the fortnite, so we can see the competition between both of the battle royal.

Lets see what can be the upcoming fetures and changes likely to be happened or what we can see in future updates of PLAYERS UNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUND.

Upcoming on PUBG mobile : 

1. A major change PUBG can do is addition of the new 4x4 map SANHOK which is already available on PC version of the game for quite a while now. It is 1/16 th of area compare to what other maps offers on PUBG.

2. With the new map one new weapon can be added (QBZ-95) which is replacement of SCAR-L in    the map and added SLR sniper rifle can give its appearance too.

3. 3x,6x scopes are also likely to be added in the public release by lightspeed, as the TIMI studio version of PUBG contains such changes.

4. FPP and TPP can also be change while in the game just as available in TIMI version of the game.

5.UI changes

6. Beta patch 0.7.0 reveals some major changes in arcade mode, just like PC version war mode can be introduced to the upcoming mobile update.

What users will like to see in addition of this is a support of various controllers in game such as PS3, PS4 and X-box controllers.

Related image
Image result for sanhok mobile
Sanhok Mobile


Still users have to wait till the 8th week of royale pass gets completed to see whats new in upcoming update, the release date is not announced yet but hopefully after 3-4 PUBG will role out the update.

PUBG PC : Update

Not much updates are rolled out from PUBG except addition of SANHOK in pc version, as the company is more focused to stop the cheating happening in the game, but they have planned more updates and changes for the game during the year 2018, more and more updates every 2 months are planned which contains either addition of new features or changes in UI.

Games stability is a major issue for company and they are working upon that direction.

There are not many upcoming updates announced by company as of now so users have to wait till any leaks or announcements.





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