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Sea of Thieves : Cursed Sails : New trailer, Stability update,Whats new?

Sea of Thieves : Update, Performance improvement, 

New Trailer

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Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game developed by Rare games and published by Microsoft.

Currently the game is available on PC and X-box platform. The game can be playable as solo or crew (upto 4 players).

Game possesses PvP and co-operative both the game modes, it is not available on every country but the continuous updates every week, so that the worldwide release can be expected in near future.

The company released the new trailer of the game on 17th July 2018, Sea of thieves : Cursed Sails

Rare games announced the new release of Sea of Thieves : Cursed Sails on the trailer which is July 31st 2018.

Game will be live on servers at 4 PM BST / 8AM PDT / 8:30 PM IST

New Sea of Thieves Update: 1.1.7

Stability issues were reported by many players after which the company rolled out a new update,

The new update 1.1.7 came out recently which  contains many stability fixes for the game, 
Performance improvements 

  • Fix to the Hair Colour as the game allow players to choose between different types of hairs and other customisation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updates on Merrick from THE HUNGERING DEEP ADVENTURE
  • Animation Improvements
Heres what the Executive Producer Joe Neate wants to say about the Update

Game is available on Windows 10 and X-box to download at $9.99 per month with subscription of X box game pass. just like the season or game pass available on Fortnite and PUBG.


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