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Top 5 weapon combination to use in PUBG : Scopes, Attachments, Rifles and Snipers

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PUBG is an intense game as it offers the realtime battle between 100 PvP mode

Weapons are the most crucial part of the game, What you carry as your primary and secondary weapon, and the potential of the weapon decides the range you can shoot from near to far.

Here are the top 5 combinations you can use in PUBG to conquer the battlefield


(5) Coming at the NO.5 Spot is UMP-9 and AKM 

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UMP-9 is a Sub-Machine gun which fires 9mm bullets and its is pretty good choice for the near range. Near to Medium range is somewhat ok with this weapon but it struggles a lot in medium to long range.

So to compensate that we have added AKM as a secondary weapon which uses 7.62mm bullets and it is damn good in medium to long range. It falls in the category of Assault Rifles (AR)

And with the combination of this you can kill any encounter you come across the game except the very long range, This combo struggles a bit in very long encounters.


UMP-9 As the gun can equip max. till 4x scope 8x can not be used with it, 2x is the best suitable for it as it is going to be used for close encounters, Along with that Quick draw extended mag will be useful as it increases the firing speed and gives extra room for 10 bullets.

AKM Throw anything at this AR and it can be equipped with anything, 4x or 8x will be appropriate as it is going to be used for medium to long encounters. along with that compensator will be useful as it provides stability to this machine which will play crucial role in long encounters.

(4) The NO.4 Spot is acquired by M16 A4 and MK-14 

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M16 A4 is an Assault Rifle (AR) it is not that good AR compare to other in its segment like SCAR-L and M416 but what makes this unique is burst fire and single fire manual adjustment it is fully automatic like other AR's.

But is it very useful for close to medium and medium to long encounters, the damage decreases as the distance increases so it is not suitable to use for long kills, It uses 5.56mm just like its brothers SCAR and M416

MK14 - This weapon can only be found in Air supply crates so it is pretty hard to get one for the combo, but if you found one you can take up anything that comes in your path thats for sure,

It falls in the category of DMR (designated marksman rifle) and can be used for long to very long encounters, It uses 7.62mm ammunition.


M16 A4 - it can be attached with 2x or 4x scope along with suppressor or compensator with extended mag to increase the capacity.

MK14 - This thing is a beast and can be attached with 8x scope and compensator or suppressor with quickdraw mag.

(3)The NO.3 Spot is taken up by M416 and SKS

This is the combo i personally used and it is one of my favourite
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The M416 needs no introduction, it is the most loved rifles by fans so far in PUBG.

The firing speed of this monster tops in the chart when equipped with Quick-draw Extended mag.
It fires 5.56mm rounds and the range it works is medium to long range.

It is the best assault rifle available in PUBG.

This thing can crush any problem comes in its way. 

SKS - SKS falls in the category of DMR (designated marksman rifle). It fires7.62mm rounds and can be used for long to very long range. this rifle is one of the best when comes to availability of the DMR in map.


M416 - 4x scope is the best attachment which can be used for this rifle, along with flash hider and compensator with quick draw extended mag.

SKS - Works best when used with 8x and compensator.

(2) Coming at NO.2 Spot  SCAR-L and M24

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SCAR - L - It is an ultimate allrounder AR which is capable of vanishing the enemies.
It uses 5.56mm bullets and it is champion of medium and medium to long range.

It struggles with long to very long ranges and to encounter that we have M24 as a secondary weapon which is a beast sniper rifle using 7.62mm ammo.

It can only be found in Air Supply Crates, one bullet and one headshot is all you need to kill the enemy. knockdown is not an area of interest for this sniper.


Both the SCAR-L and M24 are capable of equip anything but 4x will be best suit for SCAR-L followed by 8x on M24.

(1) Coming at NO.1 Spot  M416 and AWM



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Both the king of the AR - M416 and the king of the snipers AWM are here,
 M416 as we discussed earlier is a go to in ay situation

and AWM? - well,  there is no need of introduction to this beast
It uses the 12 Magnum ammunition which can only be found in Air Drop Crates just like the AWM. 


Throw anything to both of them and you are good to go,

M416 - 4x + Ext. Quick draw Mag. + compensator
AWM - 8x + Quick draw Mag + Suppressor 


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