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X-box Scarlett - What is it? Will it be a game changer?

X-box Scarlett - What is it? Will it be a game changer?

Xbox one is currently the best gaming console available, surely Microsoft is working on the next generation console but along with that Microsoft is working on something special under the code name of "Project Scarlett" 

lets see what it is and will it be a blockbuster for Microsoft?

What is Xbox Scarlett?

Microsoft will launch 2 consoles one of which will be the traditional console with regular processors and everything and another one will be focused on the cloud processing and streaming. So the codename "Scarlett" is given for the streaming console.

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Few elements like Image processing, controller input will be controlled locally and rest of the elements will be controlled by the servers.

Microsoft will release one high end model and the another one will be the cheaper version used for the streaming, will the consumers accept this or not that will depend upon how well Microsoft can convey its message for their streaming device.

Will it be a success?

Previously many attempt are made to make the streaming console or only-digital console, but we can fairly say that it failed.

Microsoft started subscription based Xbox game pass service which was launched in last year. It can be possible that Microsoft is developing the server structure to support the streaming in future.

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The Xbox pass will be transferable on the streaming console easily for the streaming on Xbox cloud.
Pass builds the player base for Microsoft. Those who are buying games one by one, instead of that they will shift to the Xbox pass.

Xbox Scarlett: Release date

Microsoft has not announced anything officially about the launch of upcoming consoles but the head of Xbox Phil spencer said that the new generation consoles will be at lease 17 months away, but it is not official it can be changed anytime.

Mostly the release will fall in between 2019-2020.

The hardware packed in the Xbox Scarlett is still unknown and nothing is been revealed about it, but seeing the other competitive consoles the hardware will be pretty good.
The whole idea of a streaming console is a huge risk, will it be a hit? or Microsoft is gambling?


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