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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 : Beta Users Reports Overpowered items.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 : Beta Users Reports About Overpowered Items.

Multiplayer Beta of Black Ops 4 is Live now, Players are getting their hands on the game. Most of the players are reporting about the poor response to Armor, Which is the most useful piece of equipment used to get additional health during Gunfights.

Just like all the other Call of Duty, Black Ops 4 also offers a range of Guns and Attachments with various Gears which are essential to gain that extra Boost and Health which gives advantage to player during Encounters.

The reason Armor response is taken so seriously by the users is that, The Armor gives extra time to player even after getting some extra bullets on the Armor. Which gives some extra time to kill the opponent. This issue became more important because Black Ops 4 already offers 150 Health instead of 100. Which is a big change made to the Call of Duty title this time.

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Armor becomes more important in a game like Black Ops 4 just because this title offers a faster pace of shooting. Thus, the Armor becomes a necessity of a player.

It is been said that to use the armor in beta, Users have to give up many extra useful pieces of equipments in the same category, like the other items used to increase the health.

Large number of the Players thinks that the Armor is overpowered which obviously is taken into consideration by the Developers Treyarch they said that “We’re also working on some Armor-specific updates that you can expect for the update on weekend 2.”

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Well, This explains the motive of Beta , This is what they are for, To identify such vulnerabilities.

After getting some complains Treyarch came to answer that the update will come soon, But how they are going to fix the issue is still unclear. 

There aren't many issues with the Beta registered till now. So it will be a topic of discussion that what other changes they can do in the Beta before setting the game free this year.


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