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Clash Royale Decks - Arena 10

Clash Royale Decks - Arena 10

Clash Royale is very un to play game, after the success of Clash of Clans (COC) Supercell came out with one more game which gained its popularity day by day.

Players vs Player gameplay allow the users to participate in battles online, with each win player earns various kinds of chests which contains different cards

Cards are categorised in 4 types, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

As you earn more trophies by winning battles, you get in the higher arena, and with that more cards unlocks, Which are use to make your battle deck stronger.

Here are top 3 Battle Decks which are use in Arena 10 and above 

1. Hog - Barrel -Arrow Cycle Deck

This deck is a perfect balance between attack and defence. Throw any situation at it and you can survive pretty much anything in battle.

For attack we have hog - barrel and arrow cycle, and to support that we have Valkyrie and Wizard.
Valkyrie and Wizard can also be a great defence cards along with Musketeer and Baby Dragon.

We have one Building Tombstone in the deck to survive attack from the troops like Prince, Balloon, Lava Hound, Hog Rider, which targets buildings. It can confuse P.E.K.K.A too!

Musketeer is great for defence and attack both. This deck is capable of defending both the air attacks and ground attacks. And all these troops are beast when it comes to attacking the opponent.

2.  Ballon - Clone - Rage Cycle Deck

This is very aggressive deck. If the placement goes right for the Balloon, Rage, and Clone, you can take up the opponents tower in less than a minute.

In case if anything goes wrong, don't worry we have a great defensive cards like Valkyrie, Wizard and Musketeer.

Princess is use to support the push of balloon from distance, it can protect balloon from minions and bats and it can damage opponents towers from distance.

Tombstone is a defensive card here to protect our towers from push of building targeting troops.

You are good on both air and grounds defence and attack with this deck.

3. Graveyard - Poison Cycle Deck

Image result for graveyard poison deck

One great push is all you need to register victory in your account. Place Graveyard and poison together on opponents tower and it will work effectively.

Tornado is use to take away opponents troops from our tower and along with that Bowler is used to deal area damage to all those troops.

Baby dragon is a great defensive troop along with Goblin Gang and Knight

In terms of defence on ground we have Knight and Goblin Gang, many times poison can also be use as a defence spell.

Air defence is quite poor as we have only Baby Dragon serving as a defensive troop up in the air, But this deck is all about Graveyard and Poison, once you started attacking with both of these cards, You can do wonders in arena with this deck.



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