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Fortnite Season 5 : 5 thrilling features on this Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale needs no introduction. Season 5 of the game which started on 12th July and will end on 25th September. New Season includes new map, Weapon changes, vehicle and more.

This season "When Worlds Collide" came with many hot new features. Here are 5 top features which we all love.

1. Map

Every season of fortnite comes with various map changes, Season 5 is no behind in this tradition, with a whole new map, there is a lot to explore.

New desert theme and addition of new locations, one being the Lazy Links and the other is Paradise Palm.

2. Vehicles

All Terrain Kart (ATK) was a much needed piece all the fans were waiting for. It provides transportation for a squad in the game. ATK also has a Bounce Pad as a Roof.

Storm? No worries, you can never go wrong with ATK

3. Rift

This feature made everyone love season 5. It acts as a teleportation system which transports the player from one place to another, which allow them to counter tricky situations and glide away to safety. You don't have to worry about storm anymore!

4. Weapon Changes

In terms of Weapon, Season 5 brought aim-assist to the hunting rifle balanced with the other weapons like snipers and SMG.

Shotgun now shows the amount of pellets you hit towards the opponent, which increases the accuracy of the player.

5.Storm Eye

Working of storm circle is changed for circle 7,8 and 9. Circle will move in different ways if the game continues for a long time, so now the circle goes in random directions which makes players clueless about the next move of the Storm Eye.

Bad news for those who loves Camping!


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