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PUBG Mobile Season 3 : Release Date, New Rewards

PUBG Season 3 : Release Date, New Rewards

As Season 2 of PUBG Mobile is coming to an end we are about to see PUBG mobile Season 3 on 13th August.
Currently we are on 7th week of the second season of the PUBG Mobile and the 8th week is the last week of Season 2.

Main attraction of Season 2 was various emoticons on Royale Pass, Players need to earn reward points by completing different tasks assigned to them on weekly basis and on daily basis too, with each 100 royal point you can unlock new level which comes with various exciting rewards.

The last reward on free Royal Pass is skin for UMP-9 on level 45. After that there are no rewards upto level 70. But it isn't same for Elite Royale Pass, each level in Elite Royale Pass brings various rewards upto level 70.

Lets see what we will see in the Season 3.

Well, Chinese version of the PUBG Mobile is already out with the Season 3, here is what's new.

1. New Emoticons 

We have seen some cool Emoticons like dancing in the Free Royale Pass, now is the time we get more cooler things in Free Royale Pass, Here is the New Dancing Emoticon.

Moreover, 2 Emoticons which were exclusive for Elite Royale Pass will be available for free in Season 3. Here are those in the Free Royale Pass of Season 3.

The "ANGRY" and "SURRENDER" Emoticons will be available for free.

"Angry" Emoticon from Season 2 Elite Royale Pass will be available for free in S3

"Surrender" Emoticon from Season 2 Elite Royale Pass will be available for free in S3

It is great to see Tencent providing the exclusive stuff for free in the upcoming season. But if they choose to continue this legacy they will loose many of the elite pass customer.

2. AKM Skin on Level 36.

We have seen free skin of UMP-9 in Season 2, Now we will see Rugged (Orange) skin for AKM Assault rifle. 

The same skin is currently available in PUBG Premium Crate which we can access through collecting 10 Coupons to open the crate.

It is always excited to see a Free Skin on-board, Isn't it?

3. New Flight Direction Arrow.

Just like the PC Version of this game, Players will now be able to see the Path of the Aircraft Prior to Launch.

What you can do in your spare time when everyone is busy in fist fighting?
There, can you see that Apple? Throw that and have fun!!!

This Feature is also available on PC version of the Player Unknown's Battle Ground.

4. New Goodies in Soldiers Crate.

All of us use Battle Points to unlock new merchandise from Soldiers Crate which is the easiest way to get new things.

Well, It just got better. 

We can see the Skins of SCAR-L and Uzi in that. Along with that some new wearables like Mask and Aviator Glass, Trench Coat will be there in Soldiers Crate to unlock.

5. Chicken Dinner Treats

By getting Some DELICIOUS Chicken Dinners you can Unlock few more Emoticons.

Have some Chicken Dinners with your squad and then Dance. Fascinating!!

Overall we can say that company is trying on how they can provide an Experience of PC on Mobile Devices, And clearly they are going great in that direction.

Keep it up Tencent, And keep providing us with Free Skins.


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